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Chad, Michelle, Madison, Molly & Riggs Rotenberger
13003 Welch Fire Place
Ludlow, SD  57755
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Dr Bill Rotenberger
13001 Welch Fire Place Ludlow, SD  57755

It is the pleasure of
Spruce Hill Ranch 
to introduce to you the
Combined Advantage Annual Bull Sale.

At the Ranch, Ludlow SD
Sunday February 18th, 2018 at 2 pm MT.

The name, Combined Advantage, "combines" two year old Angus bulls along with Sim/Angus yearling bulls all at one sale location. The "advantage" of our sale is to offer you more choices & flexibility. If you chose to look through the two year old bulls we hope you keep in mind that these bulls will have less tendency to injure themselves because of their age, they will cover more cows, maintain their body condition longer & give you more bang for your buck. The Rotenberger's have been selling Angus bulls for 30+ years, so they know what you are looking for.  Now, if you are leaning toward the Sim/Angus bulls we think you will be equally pleased with your choices. Sim/Angus is the new "buzz" in the cattle industry. These hybrid bulls are very functional. The heterosis of the two breeds gives them kick. They will work the pastures, keep their condition well, breed muscle, pounds of meat & provide the "look" in their offspring. More importantly, the carcass & grid is what makes the feedlots want to feed Sim/Angus cattle. Bottom line, if the feeder makes money, you as the commercial cattlemen have the product that they come back for. Females from this cross make great mama cows, breed back easily and have longevity.

Both groups of bulls have been allowed to grow and not be pushed: they are on a high roughage, low starch ration. They've had lots of room to exercise & develop into bulls. The bulls are conditioned and fed so you can see what you are buying, rather than looking at an obese critter that will fall apart.

Hope to see you
Sunday, February 18th, 2018
2 pm MT
if not before then.
Stop in, have a cup of coffee
& see the bulls anytime.
1 mile south & 3 miles west of Ludlow, SD
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